Internationale Interviews

More Power and Flexibilty – Yoga for BJJ Interview with Sebastian Brosche [Englisch]

Hi Sebastian. Please give our readers a quick introduction of who you are! Hi GrapplersParadise! My fiancee Stine and I practice and teach Yoga fulltime, we also play BJJ and compete in the big tournaments. The things that take up most of our attention and dedication is how we choose to live our life, for example learning about how nutrition and …

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High Level Wrestling & Jiu Jitsu – Kazeka Muniz Interview [english]

This year we met Kazeka Muniz at Seminar in Hagen, Germany. We sat down with him and talked to him about his time in cuba, the evolution of bjj and his teaching. You can find the german version of this interview in our third e-magazine. We hope you enjoy it. We want to start with a small introduction. So if …

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The King of DIY Training Equipment – Ross Enamait Interview [english]

Ross from is know for badass workouts, inspirational webdiscoveries and slick DIY training equipment. For our last issue he took the time to answer a few of our questions regarding figther fitness, battling through injuries, strength training and creating your own equipment. Thanks for his time and don’t forget to check out his site! As a martial artist/fighter, how …

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Is a day without training a day wasted? Gianni Grippo Exclusiv Interview [english]

Gianni Grippo is a multiple BJJ World & Panamerican Champion, BJJ Brownbelt and one of the new upcoming stars of bjj. He currently trains at the Marcelo Garcia Academy in New York. We met Gianni in Kopenhagen, Denmark, and talked to him in this Interview about the “Globetrotter Summercamp” experiance, his training program, past mistakes and his future plans. If …

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Luta Livre Schwarzgurt und ADCC Teilnehmer Nicolas Renier im Interview

Wir haben Nicolas Reinier dieses Jahr auf einem Seminar von ihm und seinem Trainingspartner und Lehrer Leonardo Leozada Nogueira getroffen und ein klasse Seminar genossen. Nach dem Seminar haben wir einige Runden mit dem Luta Livre Schwarzgurt und ADCC Veteran gerollt und blieben auch in den Wochen darauf in Kontakt. Deshalb haben wir heute auch die Möglichkeit ein weiteres exclusives …

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