“There is no secret, just hard training” – Interview with Francisco “Sinistro” Iturralde [english]

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Interview with 3 times World and Pan American Champion Francisco “Sinistro” Iturralde

At this years “BJJ Globetrotter Summercamp” in Kopenhagen we got the chance to meet and learn from Francisco “Sinistro” Iturralde, 3 times world and pan american champion from ecuador. In his classes he taught with great detail and an always happy attitude. Nonetheless he pushed everybody to his limits, either by rolling with them or guiding them through a tough post training capoeira workout. We talked to him about his goals, his training and about the necessary trades you´ll need to succseed. You can find the german version right here <–

Let´s start with a small introduction. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers in a few sentences?

My name is Francisco Iturralde, 22 years old black belt. Representing Alliance Ecuador and currently training under master Cobrinha in Los Angeles.

You trained in Ecuador, Miami and NYC. Where do you currently train and teach?

I had the great opportunity to move to LA, which is the meca of bjj and i´m living the competitor lifestyle training at cobrinha’s alliance school in California

“Sinistro” at the CSA.dk Gym in Kopenhagen

Last year you received your black belt, what does it mean to you to get your blackbelt?

It means the start of a dream, as a kid who grew up in the sport is a great feeling of happiness and realizarion to finally fight with the best guys in the sport.

You competed several times at blackbelt, in which way does the blackbelt competition differ from your previous tournaments?

Mostly experience, black belts have been on the game for a while, old dogs now better but shortly i´m closing that gap by competing as much as i can

Coming from ecuador, how important is it for you to represent your country in competition?

It is not only about a country, a team or ego. I do it because I love it and not really trying to put a tag on myself. im blessed to be in the best team in the world and for being raised in such an amazing place, but at the end of the day God gives me the tools and i make my best for myself.

“Sinistro” spreading his knowledge at the bjj globetrotter summercamp

What is the most necessary trade anyone needs to have to succeed at blackbelt?

There is no secret, just hard training and having an open mentality to learn from everyone

Just to give our reader an insight in your training week, how often do you train and how do you structure your training (drilling, technique, sparring)?

We train hard at cobrinhas. we do several training sessions a day, drilling sessions before training add some lifting around 3x a week.

You are currently living the jiu jitsu lifestyle. What do you enjoy most about jiu jitsu?

Definitely doing what i love every day, no matter how much it hurts i`m always happy and i also get to travel around the world teaching which is great.

What do you like doing when you are not on the mat or in the gym?

I like going to the beach, skateboarding or whatever i can do outdoors.

What are your goals for the future?

Definitely winning worlds and adcc, that’s my biggest dream and i`m working hard towards that goal.

Always happy Francisco Iturralde

Some Quick Questions 
Favorite Guard?
Best BJJ Fighter of all time?
Batman or Son Goku?
goku by far, im not a big fan of super heros but i grew up with dbz
Favorite Food?
Your BJJ Idol?

Thank you very much for the Interview. The last words belong to you. 

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Jah bless Osss!


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